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My career of 20+ years in information technology, systems and management includes strategy, digital transformation, web development, business engagement and staff learning and development. Technologies include bespoke, off the shelf and Software as a Service (SAAS) content and record management systems (CRM/CMS), analytics, reporting, machine learning and AI for signal detection and risk management.

Recent career highlights and successes in business analysis have been in adding value to business processes in the Medicines and Medical Devices regulatory arena, having led business analysis activities at the UK regulator on EU Withdrawal projects and Signal Detection, Vigilance and Safety programmes.

My SEO consultancy has been primarily working with independent retailers and highly skilled crafts people who have niche products and services, requiring specialised targeting and segmentation of potential customers. My many years of experience in this arena, has equipped me with the skills needed to quantifiably increase their customer base, thus increasing sales beyond their expectations.

Technical specialist: Audiophile
Specialist in turntable refurbishment, setup and testing (see eBay Shop and related links below)

My name ‘Tesfa’ means ‘hope’.  Rodway, is the surname of my paternal great-great-grandfather, James Rodway (1)(2), who emigrated from the UK to British Guiana in the 1870s. I grew up in Guyana during a tumultuous time in Guyana’s political history and emigrated from there to England in my teens. I am the son of social/political activists (Brian Rodway(1)(2)(3) and Diane Matthews (1)(2) who were dedicated to meeting the needs of people impacted by food, health and other instability, due to the social and political volatility of the period following independence. Amongst racial division and poverty, in a post-colonial world, where labour and class were determining factors for education and opportunity, they helped to improve lives. They did this by educating and improving the skills of others, providing clothing, food and, at times, by direct action including political protest, demostrations and civil disobedience. To some, their actions made them revolutionaries. They were indeed fearless in their efforts. That experience heavily influenced me and has played a major part in my career path and activities toward the greater social good, to date . My remarkable experiences in life and work have blessed me with a unique world view and an incredible set of skills, of which I am deeply appreciative. 

Please see my CV page for my professional details.

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