Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Business Analysis services.

SEO outline with services offered

SEO service outline

Search engine optimisation

Areas focussed on to effectively reach your customer base:

  • Website architecture (the layout of your website pages and internal links)
  • Website content (text, images, video etc)
  • Backlinks (links to your website, including directory listings)
  • Searching indexing, including the effective use of keywords
  • Search engine ranking
  • Website reach, traffic, analytics and performance

Business Analysis expertise

  • Process mapping
  • Process analysis and re-engineering
  • Performance analysis
  • Requirement illicitation and analysis
  • Requirement prioritisation and validation
  • Impact assessment
  • Change management
  • Business and stakeholder engagement
  • Presentations
  • Practice development
  • Continuous improvement
  • Role evaluation
  • Business strategy
  • Programme strategy


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